About Dating Columnist


Dating Columnist is the digital publishing company specialized at reviewing latest and best-performing dating platforms. Our service launched in 2019 to aboard the mission of creating consistent and high-quality review of the dating platforms most people need to examine before actually using. Why are our reviews worthy of your time to read? This is because we carefully invested our time to gather the team of experts who know more than a thing or two in the online dating world. After testing tens of online dating websites, we created the way to create reviews no one else has replicated. Intrigued how that works for you? Find out how Dating Columnist started and how we brew the review of every dating out there exclusively for you.

Our Story

In 2019, we launched Dating Columnist as the pack of enthusiasts who were driven by making a jump ahead in the world of online dating reviews. We stopped and thought, “What makes an online dating experience so random, so chaotic?” The answer came out merely of nowhere. It’s the lack of information to build up credibility around the service you want to use. Many people beware of scam, catfishing, and low matchability among the users. If you ever were stuck with one online dating after another, welcome to the club. Dating Columnist brings a gamechanger to the dating table. Honest, legit, and precise reviews on every dating that you’re going to encounter when deciding to find a soulmate or a person for casual fun.

How We Create Reviews

You would be surprised, but we do not have a mysterious secret on writing the reviews. We take the behavior of ordinary users like you to analyze the dating service. The best way to know if the dating website is good enough is to look at it from the within. When writing the review, the following steps are made to assess the final mark for the digital service:

  • The expert team finds the latest search queries around the globe to understand dating trends, user demographics, and final products people are choosing to find a date online.
  • Registration follows, we’ll find any underwater stones during this stage. It’s evident if the service implies on heavy monetization or accents to user comfort.
  • Analysis of the user profiles. A handful of users profiles are chosen to get the insight over the number of real people behind the curtain of social networks as well as the percentage of bots that are present in almost all dating services.
  • General level of usability. The more options for interacting among the users are present, the more entertaining the whole thing seems. We examine the service as a better one if it has free ways to interact. Heavy monetization is a minus score.
  • Final verdict on the number of points the service has managed to score. The general picture about every dating service is apparent after the previous steps. We know if it’s a good one, the option to go for online dating when declaring the final scores.

Our Experts